Benefits to Employers

Workplace Initiative of Ohio (WIO)


  • Streamlined Candidate Sourcing: Single points of contact are available through WIO, which will allow employers to easily recruit and hire qualified candidates from multiple sources.
  • Pre-screening: Employers provide job descriptions to WIO representatives, make them aware of open jobs at their sites or WIO representatives research participating employers' job sites to locate open positions. Job seekers are pre-screened to ensure the best corporate fit. Employers only receive resumes from individuals who are qualified candidates.
  • Range of Skills: WIO job seekers have a wide range of abilities from entry level to highly skilled.
  • Training Assistance: In some cases and when needed by the employee, training is provided at the work-site
  • Tax Credits: WIO helps companies identify federal tax credits for which they may be eligible.
  • Section 503 Compliance: WIO assists Federal Contractors and their subcontractors to comply with the final Section 503 rule through the streamlined sourcing of qualified candidates with disabilities.


Request for Vacancies/Job Openings


In order to meet our goal of helping to hire 200 qualified individuals with disabilities we need companies like yours to get involved. If you have a vacancy or job opening and are looking to to hire qualified and motivated candidates, you've found your source. Submit a vacancy below and move one step closer to hiring the employees you can count on and Section 503 compliance.