Hiring Individuals who Have Disabilities Brings Your Company:


  • Universal Strategies
  • Widest Pool of Talent
  • Competitive Edge
  • Innovative Thinking
  • Adaptable and Experienced Problem Solvers
  • Valuable, Dedicated Workers
  • Customer Satisfaction

"OhioHealth has been on a journey to support individuals with disabilities since 2007, and with the Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities Agency (OOD) has been an integral part of the process. We initially partnered with OOD by having a vocational rehabilitation counselor as the single point of contact for our program by assisting with job placement and accommodations. Through continued collaboration, it has led to a partnership with OOD counselors through two Project SEARCH internship programs which are business led and prepare students for competitive, integrated employment. OhioHealth is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion throughout our organization and this connection supports our cardinal value to honor the dignity and worth of each person."

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Chris Moranda, LSW CDMS, Manager of Disability Services